OPtimal Health—Dr. Dennis Gross on Jumpstarting Spring Skincare

The esteemed dermatologist decodes how to get a glowing face.

Photo: Courtesy of Olivia Palermo

“Spring typically means warmer weather and higher humidity levels,” explains Dr. Dennis Gross, dermatologist and Olivia’s personal skin guru for more than a decade. “This means that skin is more hydrated and may become more prone to breakouts.” And as spring draws near—it’s March 20th—we asked Dr. Gross for his top tips on keeping skin radiant for the transition in seasons and any habits to ensure a glowing visage.

“Winter is often synonymous with dry, flaky skin while spring means warmer weather,” adds Gross with a caveat that with more palatable temperatures, our skin faces more potential plagues including allergies which can irritate and buildup leading to breakouts. His advice to combat these common issues? “Incorporate a daily, chemical exfoliator,” says Gross, adding, “this will help cellular turnover and reveal the radiant, glowing skin underneath [and] prevent clogged pores.” He advises a similar course for the whole body except, “the biggest difference is that the skin on your body is two to three times thicker [which] means your chemical body exfoliator should have higher concentrations of ingredients.” Gross recommends the Alpha Beta Exfoliating Body Treatment which firms, hydrates, diminishes ingrown hairs, and clears the body of impurities like blemishes and uneven skin tone. “The most important thing for exfoliating your face or body is to always keep the skin in balance.”

Gross believes in setting the right foundation and then building good habits. To prevent pore blockage, “look for oil-free moisturizers that are formulated with hyaluronic acid. This is hydrating but won’t clog.” Another top tip ahead of sunnier days? “Swap out your chemical sunscreen for a physical block.” Gross explains that, “a physical block [sunscreen] sits on a skin’s surface and acts as a shield protecting you from UVA and UVB rays.” For those thinking that it will be heavy, don’t fret as, “when formulated correctly, it feels weightless on skin and doesn’t leave a white cast.”

Coupled with the above, Gross is a big proponent of light therapy. “Incorporate an LED mask [with] both blue and red LED. Blue helps regulate oil production and kills acne-causing bacteria while stimulating your skin’s collagen production for anti-aging benefits.” Gross has recently updated his signature DRx SpectraLite FaceWare Pro in a sleek pewter finish but with equally dazzling technology and results. “Using the mask consistently will help the transition between seasons.” 

However, beyond the surface, Gross wants everyone to keep safe, especially in the sun. “My background is in skin cancer research so sun protection is always a high priority for me as a formulator and dermatologist,” says Gross. “My favorite product at the moment is the new All-Physical LightWeight Wrinkle Defense SPF. It really has an amazingly light texture and blends into all skin tones. We tested it on Fitzpatricks 1-7.” As for what Dr. Gross is working on next, mums the word, however he did hint at a key component. “The star ingredient is going to be retinol, the gold standard for anti-aging.” No doubt with his signature, glowing results.

Courtesy of Olivia Palermo

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