Olivia’s Morning Boost is Healthy, Nutritious, and Stylish

Sweet and tasty.

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Ever since team OP started talking about Olivia Palermo Beauty over two years ago, I made it my mission to ensure all touchpoints in my life were beneficial to my mind and body. Recently, I’ve started working with the team at Seven Clinic who are based in Brazil. Their experts have guided me on everything from making better food decisions to what my body needs to rebuild, recharge, and fuel itself to be the best. Below, team OP breaks down one of my favorite breakfast recipes from them which I hope you enjoy! OP

Courtesy of Seven Clinic

Eating healthy in summer can be challenging between backyard barbecues, rooftop gatherings, and leisurely dinners with friends. However, it’s about making intelligent food and drink choices, something Olivia’s learned about since she started working with São Paulo-based Seven Clinic. “I’ve been taking care of other parts of myself for so long, that I forgot the most important thing is keeping my body fueled correctly,” says Olivia. “The team at Seven Clinic are incredible and work with me to create plans and meals that fall in line with my lifestyle and taste.” And beyond the delicious and nutritious quotient, Olivia’s shifted her mindset to think about making better choices. “The best part is learning why certain foods or drinks are better for our bodies and how it affects everything else,” adds Olivia. “Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but it’s often the most skipped. Now, I have several options and recipes that fit in case I’m running late or on the go.” One of Olivia’s faves? Oatmeal with yogurt and fresh berries. “It’s super pretty but also delicious and good for me. It’s nice being able to start the day with something simple that will keep me satisfied for hours.” Below, team OP breaks down the dish:

Olivia’s Oatmeal + Yogurt:
1 oz Quaker Heart Healthy Old Fashioned Oats
1 cup Fairlife Ultra-filtered milk (1%)
1/2 oz almond butter
1/2 cup blackberry
1/2 cup strawberry
1/2 cup raspberry
1/2 unit Fage Total -% Milk fat greek yogurt

Please consult with your physician before implementing any changes to your diet and exercise.


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