Foot Moves: Olivia Palermo Goes Custom With Casadei

"Looking up to Olivia’s timeless elegance, we wanted to create a boot that would never go out of style."

An inside look at one of many swatches used to create a Casadei shoe.

If there’s one thing Olivia Palermo knows, it’s shoes. The style authority believes accessories withhold the power to make or break an outfit, so it’s only fitting that when Palermo asked Casadei to be one of the 25+ brands represented on the site, the partnership with the luxury Italian shoemaker didn't stop there.

Available only on, Casadei and Olivia Palermo customized three shoe styles signature to the brand's repertoire: the Fulgor boot, the Tresse sandal heel, and the Blade velvetop stiletto. From color to cut, no detail was left undiscussed between Cesare Casadei and Palermo. When it came to the Fulgor boot, for example, a sense of timelessness was key: “Looking up to Olivia’s timeless elegance, we wanted to create a boot that would never go out of style,” Casadei said of their partnership on the knee-high staple. Another highlight, the Tresse sandal, features three shades of snakeskin in a color-block combination that will last season-to-season. “My mother passed onto to me an obsession for color, which is still a very important part of my creative work. While designing this shoe with Olivia, we matched my love for colorful shades with her exquisite taste in materials."

When it came to sourcing swatches and textiles, Palermo combed through dozens of fabrics to find the right selections. “Casadei is a brand that I’ve worked closely with over the last few years. For our shoes, I really honed in on their classic silhouettes — like the Blade stiletto and the modern block heel — but added some personal touches, in the form of neutrals and snakeskin,” Palermo said. “We try to be as transitional from season to season as possible.”

As for as how to style them? Palermo suggests unexpected combos — such as the Tresse sandal with your go-to pair of cigarette denim or the Fulgor boot with a pleated maxi-skirt. Consider your fall shoe game sorted.

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