Styled by OP—Mardi Gras Maxi Print Dressing

Prints on prints with punch.

Photo: Michael Stewart

Today is Mardi Gras and while celebrations across the world are going virtual, there’s one way to keep the party-like flavor alive. Similar to the first Mardi Gras festivities celebrated in New Orleans in 1837, dressing in wild fashion peppered with prints (and embellishments) was part of the fun and a concept carried on and off the runways. “I’ve always been a fan of clashing prints and textures,” shares Olivia. “It’s about creating a bold, yet pleasing look to the eye and channeling your own sense of self through your style.”

And even during these times, Olivia has championed a distinctive approach to dress on the streets of New York. Her latest winning hand? A leopard print topper with plaid trousers. “I love bundling up in a cozy coat this time of year and it’s fun being able to add contrast to something so precious with lo-fi jeans and boots.” Below, team OP breaks down the secret sauce behind Olivia’s latest look.

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