Lip Service—Olivia’s Favorite Shades for 2021

Pucker up with polish.

Patti Hansen photographed by Arthur Elgort for VOGUE, June 1976. Getty Images

“It’s funny because I typically wear two or three shades at once,” says Olivia. “Working with incredible makeup artists like Charlotte [Tilbury], Daniel [Martin], and Nelson [Catarino], I learned that to get the right color for my lips requires a few.” And while OP is taking a beat from set life at the moment, she hasn’t let that deter her everyday beauty routine including achieving her perfect pucker. “My mom always said she never felt dressed until she put a swash of color on her lips. That’s something that stuck with me through today.”

To start, Olivia suggests determining your wardrobe and accessory palette but not being beholden to that color scheme. “The nice thing about lip color with a slight saturation is it means you can wear everything from bold and bright primary colors like blues and reds to more soothing and neutral hues like sand and taupe.” When her outfit is bright, it’s about offsetting it with simplicity. “I’ll typically add the gloss at the end so it has that hint of shine.”

And for virtual calls and meetings, Olivia’s power duo both hail from across the pond. “I love Pat’s Lip Fetish balm. It feels fabulous and looks great on it’s own or layered with another shade.” The perfect complement? A posh touch. “Victoria’s Sway color works well with my complexion, but I like that she provides a lipstick lineup for all skin tones.” But Olivia’s best piece of advice? Keep lips hydrated. “You never know when you’re going to want to kiss that special someone.”

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