OP at Home — Wine Time for the Season in Style

The right blend plus the right accessories equal a fabulous evening.

Photo: Courtesy of Olivia Palermo

“There’s nothing better than celebrating the holidays at home,” says Olivia. “And while in the past, Johannes and I would travel, this year we’ll be celebrating together and virtually with friends and family.” She’s had some practice as during the past few months, Olivia’s tried her hand at hosting virtual cocktail and dinner parties. “It’s fabulous,” purrs Olivia, “not like seeing each other in person, but it’s fun getting together to see someone’s new decor accent or share a new cocktail recipe or vintage.” Recently, the Huebl-Palermo household has been hard at work creating their own, modern take on a wine collection.“ Johannes and I have been fortunate enough to travel throughout France, Italy, and Spain having some of the world’s foremost sommeliers educate us on wine. It’s been nice being able to bring that knowledge back and find ways to enjoy and preserve our finds.”

For Olivia, holiday entertaining begins with bubbles. “I love having glasses of sparkling wine or champagne ready and chilled for guests as they arrive,” shares Olivia. “It sets the mood for the night with a fun tone.” Amping up the effect? A soundtrack that keeps things lively ranging from Coldplay’s “Adventure of a Lifetime” to Louis Armstrong and Velma Middleton’s rendition of “Baby It’s Cold Outside”. “I love whenever I see one of my friend’s faces light up when they hear a familiar or favorite song,” says Olivia. The finishing touch to cocktail hour? Light bites and a new bottle. “I love serving little nibbles from Butterfield Market or Eataly including cheese and charcuterie that pair well with all wines.” But OP’s top tip on entertaining for cocktail hour? Always have a chilled glass at the ready. “Guests drink at different speeds, so you need to be prepared to refill on the fly and there’s nothing worse than a tepid glass of wine or even worse, champagne.”

Afterwards, it’s onto dinner and some choice bottles. “Johannes and I love a good chianti,” says Olivia. “They’re not too full-bodied and they have a fruity finish.” And Olivia makes sure each component of her evening is equally flawless. “Every year, I bring out all my heirloom trinkets and treasures from my mother and grandmother to do a tablescape,” shares Olivia. “For the holidays, I always like having something a bit shinier than normal. It’s nice to have a jazzy accent this time of year.” And no doubt, this season, it will have a bubbling finish.


Photo by Biljana Martinic on Unsplash

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