Olivia’s Pre-Spring, Salon-Worthy Blowout Decoded

The essentials OP uses to maintain her mane.

Courtesy of Olivia Palermo

As winter comes to a close and spring draws nearer, Olivia’s taken a moment to give her locks a mid-cycle refresh. Enlisting her friend and master color guru Abby Haliti, Olivia upped the ante on her glistening mane with a gilded finish. The results? Sun-kissed hair to ease into the change in season. “Our hair naturally lightens as we spend more time outside and in the sun,” says Olivia. “So I wanted to give my hair a jumpstart so that it has a boost when it’s nicer out.”

Haliti focused on keeping Olivia’s hair strong but lustrous and suggested a few key tools she employ in her routine to keep her tresses hydrated for a flawless finish. Below, team OP breaks it down so we can all have our manes take centerstage.

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