5 Face Coverings to Mask Up in Style

Staying safe and protected can be done in a fashion-forward way.

As coronavirus cases continue to climb nationwide, the need to take steps to protect oneself and others is even greater than before. With the CDC suggesting the use of face coverings to combat the spread, now is the time to ensure you are protected when venturing out on socially distant strolls or essential errands. Olivia has taken to wearing stylish scarves on top of her traditional face mask to add a dash of retro, Grace Kelly-era polish to her summer wardrobe. "Masks are a part of our future, so we have to embrace them and adapt it for ourselves," says Olivia, who shared how she ties her scarves on her Instagram. "First, I select a square style that I think will pop with an outfit and keep me protected. Then it's all about folding the scarf into a triangular shape, so it covers my mask and tying the ends in the back to secure," shares Olivia. "Staying safe is the ultimate style statement." 

Olivia and her husband clapping for healthcare workers earlier in May. / Photo: Gotham/GC Images

In the spirit of wanting to #WearaDamnMask that expresses personal style, we've rounded up five non-medical coverings below (with sartorial pieces to match) that can be reused after washing, and as an extra precaution overall.

Hermès Toucans de Paradis 90 Scarf, $430, available at hermes.com

1. "My mother and aunt have collected and worn Hermès scarves for years, and I love the whimsical motifs they create each season that ties back to the heritage of the house."

Erdem Meadow Teal Face Mask, $65, available at erdem.com

2. "Erdem's designs are unabashedly girly, but I love how this print—made from extra fabric from his pre-fall collection—adds a moody twist to his typical florals. Plus, all profits from the sale of the mask benefit the National Emergencies Trust Coronavirus Appeal making it fashionable and philanthropic."

Le Scarf No. 14 Scarf, $80, available at le-scarf.com

3. "I like offsetting a busy print with something a tad muted, and this Le Scarf piece picks up on the tones of the top without overwhelming."

St. John Floral Jacquard Fitted Mask, $45, available at stjohnknits.com

4. "A simple, color-blocked midi dress pairs easily with a graphic mask that's peppered with a feminine flourish."

Slip Double-Sided Silk Face Covering, $39, available at slip.com

5. "Wearing soothing shades of blush, brings a sense of calm during this period, and a portion of the proceeds from this face covering go to the Baby2Baby nonprofit organization, which provides necessities to children in need."

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