A Message of Love and Inspiration from Olivia

Our founder reflects on an intimate, joyful moment and shares never-before-seen photos.

It’s been six years since I married Johannes in an intimate ceremony. It was a private moment—for both of us to celebrate and treasure. However, seeing the outpouring of enthusiasm and support from you after I talked about my look for the day, I wanted to take this moment to write to you directly about what that day meant. I hope that my story provides you with comfort and inspiration.

Most of us dream about our wedding day since we’re young, but for me, it only happened after I met Johannes. On an early spring weekend, Johannes and I hopped in our car and headed out of the city to the countryside of New York. It was while taking in the environment that we decided it was where we wanted to make things official. While we had initially envisioned a large ceremony in an idyllic setting, we soon realized that the only thing that mattered to us was being together.

Immediately on our return, I let our friends and family know the details. The outdoor ceremony was perfect—clear, blue skies, and even Mr. Butler was a part of the festivities. Afterward, we all hopped in our cars for an elegant lunch, where my mom surprised Johannes and me with the most gorgeous wedding cake from her friend Charlotte Neuville. My message is to any married couples-to-be or those in love with love, remember, your wedding will be your special day. Celebrate and cherish it, however, and wherever you choose.

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