OP’s Guilty Pleasure — HBO Max’s Hacks

Humor with substance.

Courtesy of HBO Max

“I love to laugh and when I first watched HBO Max’s new show, Hacks,  I was in stitches. Comedian Jean Smart delivers a witty, sharp performance peppered with poignant moments making us reflect. Set in Las Vegas, the show chronicles Smart as Deborah Vance, a pioneer in comedy trying to adapt her act and humor for the modern age. Paired with a flailing millennial television writer played by Hannah Einbinder, the unlikely duo form a beautiful bond that plays out as if they’ve known each other for years. The rest of the ensemble from Deborah’s business-focused COO to the hotel magnate / love interest provide additional razzle dazzle with heart and humor. And while ten episodes go by quickly, I’m ready and waiting for season two.”


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