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Scarves with style, a serum with substance, and a fashion exhibition for the ages.

About Time at the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

“Every year, I get excited to see the Costume Institute’s latest exhibit and while this year’s was delayed, it was worth the wait. About Time explores the circular nature of fashion and how each designer interprets similar concepts across decades.”

lescarf curated by Olivia Palermo

lescarf OP004


Le Scarf OP004

“I was a scarf fan before the pandemic—I’d put them on my bags, my neck, in my hair—but they’ve definitely punctuated my recent looks with old-world polish and flair.””

Royal Fern by Dr. Timm Golueke Phytoactive Serum

“I’m very much into keeping my skin refreshed and glowing during the colder months, and I adore Dr. Timm Golueke’s serum which keeps my skin balanced and moisturized during winter’s chill.”

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