OP at Home—LG SIGNATURE Washing Machine is a Green Dream

Laundry day became more chic.


“Over the past year, Johannes and I have made improvements to our apartment from the decor down to the fixtures,” explains Olivia. “And one thing that was of utmost importance was updating our technology.” To that end, Olivia switched out her pieces for LG SIGNATURE’s suite of technology with her current favorite being the LG SIGNATURE Washing Machine. “It’s a feeling of luxuriousness,” adds Olivia of her latest acquisition. “Being comfortable in your surroundings, feeling at peace, and finding confidence with oneself, in the comfort of your own home.” 

Nothing makes Olivia feel more at home then keeping her garments runway ready. With the ‘Gentle care’ of LG SIGNATURE Washing Machine, pieces are cared for with professional-grade results reducing the need for costly dry cleaning and eliminating harmful chemicals being absorbed onto the skin. Another added benefit? It keeps clothes looking and feeling fresh helping boost sustainably minded fashion fans and the planet. “Fashion is art and a functional need as we all dress ourselves,” explains Olivia. “The choices we make each day in how we present ourselves and our personalities to the world is an artistic expression. LG SIGNATURE is helping me preserve my finds using their innovative approach and technology.”


Part of the magic behind the ‘TWINWash™ & Dual Control’ of LG SIGNATURE’s Washing Machine is its ability to handle many challenges at once. “It’s really clever,” says Olivia with a laugh. “I can put two loads of washing in simultaneously without compromising the quality of my garments.” Helping the planet by allowing for two loads operating simultaneously, LG SIGNATURE’s Washing Machine helps the planet. This is due to the machine’s ability to take any guesswork out of the equation. “My washing machine’s ‘Auto Dosing’ does all the guesswork. It detects how much detergent and fabric softener is required and releases the right amount.” LG SIGNATURE’s innovation leadership and passion for consumer-centric insights drive the evolution of fashion sustainability.” Able to add enough for 20 washes, Olivia appreciates the ease and simplicity along with LG SIGNATURE’s commitment to more mindful washing. Building off of this are some key features of the LG SIGNATURE Washing Machine including their Centum System™ which lowers noise and vibration for a longer-lasting and quieter wash, professional level wet cleaning for more sophisticated wardrobe staples, and heat pump drying ensuring everything comes out flawless. “Like my many different roles, LG SIGNATURE’s Washing Machine’s functions complement each other.” LG SIGNATURE is life-enhancing and provides access to an exceptional lifestyle through meaningful innovation and timeless aesthetics.

And focusing on keeping pieces preserved is part of Olivia’s modern mindset to wardrobe and all parts of her life. “Pursuing a smarter and more efficient lifestyle is what LG SIGNATURE and I aim to accomplish,” says Olivia. “Any action taken by us as individuals to be more conscious consumers is important,” adds Olivia. “Whether that’s using more eco-friendly products for your wash in your day-to-day, or selecting a washing machine that allows for greater sustainability of the clothes we love with care like LG SIGNATURE’s Washing Machine.”

Created in partnership with LG SIGNATURE.

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