How to Look Flawless Digitally? Olivia's Makeup Artist Breaks it Down

Daniel Martin shares three foolproof looks to make you look—and feel—your best on virtual calls.

Daniel Martin and Olivia Palermo; Photo: BFA

If there's one man who can make anyone look flawless on today's digital calls, it's makeup artist Daniel Martin. The man behind some of Olivia's most iconic faces, who also counts Elisabeth Moss, Meghan Markle, and Nina Dobrev in his cadre of muses, broke down how to achieve easily replicable, but high-impact looks for day or night. His best tip? "On Zoom, go into settings, then my video, and click, 'Touch Up My Appearance,'" shares Martin. "It blurs out your complexion [so] you don't have to wear foundation. Do your eyes [or] your lip and nothing else." Below, Martin decodes three eye-catching, foolproof faces based on this app trick and rooted in red and pink tones as they "pull out eye color." Try these looks at home to feel like the best version of yourself (even over a screen)—winning over colleagues and digital dates, too.

Photo: Getty Images

Monochromatic Maquillage
Those wanting to infuse more vibrancy into their makeup should look to Nina Dobrev's regal take on monochromatic makeup at this year's Golden Globe Awards. For Martin, the goal was, "creating harmony to the face without looking overly done." Carrying over the color from Dobrev's Dior dress onto her face was achieved through a balance of shades. "She wanted something that you would see, but she didn't want something fussy," explains Martin, who used his finger to deliver a lighter shadow application while still achieving a pop. As for the replicating the lips, try this tip with Dior Addict Stella Shine Lipstick, "I used it as a stain—there's a trend in K-Beauty where everything is bitten in the center and fades out."

The No-Makeup Makeup 
For the 2020 Screen Actor's Guild Awards (above) and for Moss's most recent European tour promoting "The Invisible Man," Martin used a variety of pinks to infuse dimension and a natural glow. "A blue-based pink is great on so many skin tones as it really resonates," says Martin, who focused on a bold lip to anchor the face. "She has that swipe of color, which is a red/berry," Martin recommends Dior's Lip Glow to achieve a more translusent, glossy effect and also suggests keeping things muted on the eyes by using a shimmery pink. "[Here], it's light and pops her natural eye color. You really see the sheen."

Fiercely Editorial
"Olivia loves drama," laughs Martin, who created a refreshingly bold take on dramatic '80s makeup for the Olivia Palermo Collection launch in February. Adding depth and dimension on both Olivia's eyes and lips proved to be a winning pair. "I shaped out her cheek, and used wet eyeshadow [to fully] get the impact of the color," says Martin. When applying eyeshadow, he recommends opting for a bold shape with an extra-pigmented shades like Urban Decay's Wired Palette to bring the focus to the eye.

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