A Letter From Olivia

Your new beauty wardrobe decoded.

Courtesy of @oliviapalermo

To My Loyal OP Community,

In the Fall of 2018, I took a meeting in an unassuming office building in Manhattan. From that meeting, came the beginning of Olivia Palermo Beauty. What did I want it to be? What did I want it to look like? For years, I had worked with some of the industry’s leading names behind the scenes and in the chair, but now, I had the opportunity to make my mark and help everyone feel just as incredible as I do every single day. The concept? Treat beauty the same way I approach fashion and so I want to introduce you to Olivia Palermo Beauty, the ultimate beauty wardrobe.

So what does this mean? With fashion, you have your essentials, the foundation of an outfit. With Olivia Palermo Beauty, we wanted to achieve the same thing and so we’re starting with the products that will empower you from day to night. I’ve always thought of beauty as a glam punctuation. The final touch that provides the canvas of my face with that extra sparkle when I want a pop or extra confidence boost. Creating Olivia Palermo Beauty with my product development team was so much fun as we worked together, in real life at first, before switching to FaceTime and Zoom sessions going through colors, textures, and packaging. 

My goal was to create a product that I loved because I know all of you will love it too. I wanted the packaging to mimic my vintage gold bracelet, a treasured piece from my collection that I cannot live without. That’s how I view Olivia Palermo Beauty. Pieces that are meant to be celebrated and treasured and that you can be proud of, like heirlooms, but used everyday. And while I love the formulas, the colors, and the products, with their efficacy as my number one concern, I also wanted to ensure that all products adhere to the strictest beauty regulations. To that end, Olivia Palermo Beauty is not using the more than 1,300 banned ingredients in compliance with European Union regulations, is cruelty-free, vegan, and as sustainable as possible.

As a beauty lover who is constantly trying to learn and educate myself, this collection inspires me. As the founder and owner of Olivia Palermo Beauty, creating non-toxic and effective products is my mission. On OliviaPalermo.com, you’ll find what we use in our formulations, ingredient by ingredient, because it’s also about choosing intelligent beauty. We are just at the start of our beauty journey together—one where I hope you’ll share your experiences with me and tell me what you like and what you hope we do next.

I will be sharing what went into bringing this brand to life on my Instagram over the next few weeks and please make sure to follow our new dedicated beauty Instagram account @OliviaPalermoBeauty. And if you haven’t already, please sign up for our newsletter here on OliviaPalermo.com as we’ll be communicating directly with you on the latest and greatest from Olivia Palermo Beauty. It is a privilege to bring Olivia Palermo Beauty to all of you and I’m so excited to finally tell the stories behind the collection.


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