Socks and Flats? OP’s Winning Style Combo Decoded

Keep ankles covered (and cozy) in style.

Photo: Michael Stewart
Pologeorgis Mink Fur Pullover in Palomino

“Winters in New York City are brutal between the wind and the overall chilliness, but that won’t stop me from keeping myself looking and feeling my best,” shares Olivia. “And while I love rocking menswear-inspired footwear, sometimes it requires a lively punch.” Enter the stylish sock. Crafted from the finest wools, cashmeres, and cottons, dressing up one’s feet has become de rigueur and lends an elegant complement to fancy footwear. “It’s been snowing so much on the east coast—and the country!—that adding a touch of the unexpected to my look, through my socks, has been a fun way to play with fashion.” Below, team OP selects the essential flats and socks to carry you through until spring thaw.

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