Get the Look: Olivia's Timeless Wedding Day Makeup

Makeup artist Itsuki Hoshino reveals the beauty secrets behind Olivia's bridal look and tips every bride should know.

Earlier this summer and in honor of Olivia's sixth wedding anniversary, we delved into the world of all things related to the big day, from what to wear, how to plan, and even the beauty of smaller ceremonies. It's clear that 2020 hasn't been easy for engaged couples (or anyone for that matter), but if you are moving forward with exciting new plans and want to save some funds by doing your own makeup—we've tapped a professional to share her tricks. 

Itsuki Hoshino was the talented artist behind Olivia's bridal makeup moment, which she calls "an enhancement of her natural beauty that combined traditional elements with a soft playfulness." She notes that the look is classic enough to work for all seasons, so if you are a fall or spring bride, this will still work for you.

Photo: Unsplash

Setting the Foundation: 
To create the look, first, she prepared Olivia's skin using her skincare favorites. Next was choosing a great foundation like Armani's Luminous Silk. She mixed it with a small amount of shimmer powder, and then applied it to the face with a smooth brush or sponge. Hoshino then dabbed Laura Mercier concealer under the eyes, around the nose's sides, and set with MAC translucent powder.

Creating Enchanting Eyes:
Hoshino then curled Olivia's lashes and smoothed Dior eye primer over the lids to prolong the makeup's staying power. Black eyeliner went above the lashes and was smudged with a small makeup brush to start a subtle smoky eye. Olivia's look is a gray gradation that blends multiple Chanel eyeshadow shades, starting from the corner of the eye outward, with darker tones at the crease. Afterward, to soften the look overall, Hoshino applied taupe eyeshadow all over the lid and slightly under the eyelid. Shiseido white eyeliner at the corner of the eyes plus a few Lancôme mascara coats really gave Olivia's eyes a finishing pop.

Blushing Bride:
To add warmth and definition Hoshino, applied the Armani Color Sketcher pigment on the cheek and then a peach powder blush to accent further. Next up was using a glowy highlighter stick to bring shine to the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, and corners of the eyes.

Sealed with a Kiss:
Lastly, for the pout, Hoshino went for a muted mauve-y pink shade like MAC's Faux—which Olivia would typically wear—so she felt like an enhanced version herself as a bride.

Your wedding is one of your most photographed moments, so to make sure the look holds, stays refreshed, and appears flawless, Hoshino says, "Touch up using a small foundation sponge, so that you don't cake too much makeup on! If you feel dry, a tiny dab of eye cream under that eyelid goes a long way, as can a little amount of face cream on the cheek. I also don't recommend a bold lip because it'll be high maintenance to reapply—you want to enjoy every moment." According to her rulebook, waterproof mascara is also an absolute essential. "It'll stay smudge-proof even after you shed a tear during vows and dance the night away!" With a little artist-guided practice and the right products on hand, you will look as incredible as all of the day's joyful events will feel.

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