Future-Proof Your Skin With These Science-Backed Formulas

The next best cream has your well-being in mind. Two of the beauty industry's leading minds, Professor Augustinus Bader and Dr. Dennis Gross weigh-in with products that prioritize a healthy complexion.

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The beauty industry is one that's continually adapting to suit our needs, and in the current moment skincare woes run the gamut. From stress-related breakouts to inflammation, the need for overall skin protection is prevalent, as is the desire to de-stress for good. "People are becoming more and more aware that health is the priority," shares Professor Augustinus Bader the biomedical scientist and co-founder behind the cult-favorite skincare line, "Formulas that prioritize skin health are what we really need, whether that's with better protection from sun damage or protection from harmful factors in the environment. The skin is the first barrier against infections from the outside world, so ensuring it's more resistant and strong is important."

Pictured: Professor Augustinus Bader and The Rich Cream.

Olivia's trusted dermatologist and founder of the award-winning skincare line of his own, Dr. Dennis Gross, concurs, especially in unprecedented times where the skin's health is jeopardized. "It's a safe assumption that the skin is more sensitive now than it normally is," he says. His key tips to avoid further irritation? Try to resist from scrubbing and over-cleansing the face with drying ingredients that can strip the skin of its natural oils. "We know that skin is thrown off balance by stress, as the moisture barrier is compromised, so we also recommend products that help the skin through these challenges while targeting particular problems."

Pictured: The Dr. Dennis Gross B₃Adaptive SuperFoods Collection and Dr. Dennis Gross

The two experts agree that specific science-backed ingredients are the best way to treat concerns while improving the skin's overall health in these stressful times. Bader's line of face creams (both The Cream and The Rich Cream), are comprised of a proprietary complex called, TFC8, which he says is "stem cell food" made of vitamins, amino acids, and natural nutrients. This formula is proven to remarkably help the skin to renew and regenerate, and it adapts to each person's own genetic code. He says, "We know we need to eat nutritious food to take care of our health, so my skincare concept is similar where stem cells are given the nutrients needed to do their job better." Applying The Rich Cream daily is his suggestion for super stressed skin as it provides extra hydration to aid dryness and irritation with antioxidants for protection from free-radicals, too.

Dr. Dennis Gross recommends hero ingredients like hyaluronic acid (found in Olivia's favorite Moisture Cushion Cream), superfoods, and adaptogens. He says, "Hyaluronic acid is found within the natural skin to retain moisture, so adding it back is a great way to rehydrate and plump the skin." As a doctor based in NYC, Gross consistently encounters highly stressed patients, so releasing a stress-targeted line earlier this year was a goal. "I also believe in applying superfoods and adaptogens for stress repair as they are known to have powerful anti-aging and skin health benefits," he notes. "In my B₃Adaptive SuperFoods Collection—a face cream, serum, and eye cream—they're found in tiny capsules to replenish different facets of the skin's natural pathways."

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If looking to aid the body further, complexion restoration doesn't need to end with the face. Today, alongside a hand sanitizer released earlier last week, Augustinus Bader is launched The Hand Treatment to renew arguably the hardest-working skin. "Now that people are washing and drying their hands so often, this cream will protect and soothe," says Bader. And while 2020 might be a year filled with unpredictability, with benefit-filled products available, at least your skincare routine can be sorted—doctor's orders.

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