Spring Cleaning: Tips for Editing Your Wardrobe

With the new season, we could all use a little closet refresh, and now's a great opportunity to do so. Here, Olivia shares pointers on what to recycle, what to keep, and what to donate.

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This week marks spring's official start on the calendar. The days are a bit longer, the weather is slowly warming up, and perhaps you've been eyeing a new piece or two. However, with the unprecedented state of things and the necessity to stay home when able, you may need some ideas on how to keep the mood light and keep the mind productive. Consider the state of our closets, too. After the long winter stretch, you've probably accumulated pieces no longer in use, prompting no better time than the present to declutter your space.

Olivia knows a thing or two about getting a wardrobe in shape. How can you get started? What's the method for determining what to discard vs. your forever staples? Well, press play on an upbeat playlist, dig into your closet and read on for tips to accomplish your best spring cleanout yet.

Organize your products by item types first: sweaters, coats, blouses, pants, etc. Once in order, a natural category to tackle first is winter coats. Set key pieces aside for storage, fold up bulky sweaters, and focus on bringing spring/summer items to the forefront instead. Use this off-season as a time to clean/polish favorite boots or prep to send them out for repair when sandal season approaches. Have a box or bags ready to place items in for donation.

To Keep or Not to Keep?
It's all about your intuition. Figure out if an item truly makes you happy, especially if it's associated with fond moments or memories. How much an item had cost or where had you bought it from shouldn't sway this decision—I'm a firm believer in quality, and if a piece is great, it's great no matter the label. Stains or holes? It's time to discard those items and consider replacing them in the future if well-loved. Can't make a decision? Consult and have a mini fashion show with a friend over FaceTime to determine whether or not to keep. If an item hasn't been worn in a while or no longer fits, I suggest that donation is the best option to benefit another's wardrobe and make them happy.

Where to Donate
Research non-profit charities that are making a difference in your community. Dress for Success has a philanthropic mission close to my heart as the organization aims to help and empower women to achieve economic independence and thrive in work and life. Along with developmental tools and a network of support, they also provide professional attire through donations. Click here to learn more about the items that fit their guidelines, set them aside, and keep checking in for updates on their list of open affiliate locations to find where/how to donate nearest you. In the meantime, financial donations to these charities are encouraged, too—anything helps!

Top Wardrobe Essentials
A classic blazer is essential, whether it's in a shade of black or navy or it has an interesting texture. There are so many different ways to style one. I'll wear it with a dress in the evening or every day with a blouse. A unique piece of jewelry is always a great investment to own, too, especially if it's an heirloom piece. That could be a brooch, a bracelet, a watch, a ring—you name it. More staples I rely on are a statement coat, a leather pant, and a crisp white blouse, which we've included in the latest Olivia Palermo Collection. High-quality items like these are worth hanging on to.

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