5 Steps to Stress-Free Skin this Summer

Olivia's longtime dermatologist, Dr. Dennis Gross, is back to share tips for calming the skin while staying warm weather-ready.

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When summer begins, typically, we're preparing for much needed R&R and stocking up on sunscreen essentials. The skin is more exposed as temperatures rise, but as this year's outlook is much more uncertain an added vulnerability factor is a familiar culprit: stress.

Earlier this month, leading dermatologist and skincare line founder Dr. Dennis Gross shared how the skin is de-balanced during these times, and what we can do to prioritize its health. Now he's on hand to share the telltale signs of stress, "dullness, deeper lines, redness, dryness, breakouts, and dark under-eye circles," and how to reboot your skincare routine while heading into summer. Read on for his suggestions plus product recommendations from the DDG lineup.

Gently Cleanse
Cleanliness is undoubtedly a focus during these times, but Gross suggests non-stripping products that keep the skin balanced, too. "Whether you prefer a milky or foamy cleanser, it's important to find one that's soap and sulfate-free as those ingredients can make stressed skin extra dry or red." The expert opts for formulas like the Dr. Dennis Gross All-In-One Cleanser with Toner, that can multitask by removing makeup or impurities while also soothing the skin.

Clarify with Peels & Serums
"When the skin is stressed, its normal functions are encumbered, causing irritation and often breakouts," shares Gross. He explains that these flareups are usually due to oil congestion, so recommends the brand's cult-favorite Alpha Beta® peels to refine the skin from build up or a targeted nutrient-rich serum, like the one found in his  B³Adaptive SuperFoods™ collection.

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Add Hydration
Then beyond encouraging restful sleep and limiting iced coffee intake to reduce the signs of stress, adding moisture back into the skin is also a helpful way to remedy concerns. "You don't want to go too heavy as it gets warmer, so try a hyaluronic acid-based cream in a lighter weight gel or a hydrating serum," says Gross. Another pro-tip? Look for oil-free products like his Hyaluronic Marine line Olivia loves to keep the pores clear.

Avoid Harsh Ingredients
According to the doctor, scrubs or alcohol-based ingredients are a no-no for stressed skin no matter the season. "Stress is a trigger to the sensitivity of the skin, so scratching the surface with scrubs will lead to more redness or dryness," he advises, "Toners that can contain too much alcohol or astringent-like ingredients are also too harsh."

Shield with SPF & Antioxidants
Whether heading out into the sun or staying indoors, products you can count on contain components like superfoods, adaptogens, and UV filters. "Antioxidants protect from harmful free radicals and external factors," Gross shares. Skincare products that have them are beneficial both when under stress or when enjoying warm weather, and as always, he notes that applying sunscreen is an essential last step.

For more tips on all things skin, follow Dr. Dennis Gross on Instagram or visit his website to schedule a free virtual consultation.

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