Styled by OP: Hands-Free with an Haute Bag

Learn how Olivia fits all her essentials with finesse.

As protective gear becomes the new normal when venturing out for essentials, the need to keep our handheld items—hand sanitizer amongst others—secure is vital. Enter the reemergence of belt bag, and Olivia's go-to by Okhtein takes its cues from the Gothic style of the 12th century but is built with modern-day functionality. "I love the simplicity of the silhouette which gets a touch of fabulousness from brass accents," says Olivia.

Often spotted at her Brooklyn home base wearing leather pantsbrogues, fluid skirting, or lace details in classic hues, Olivia is drawn to this bold red style because: "It's a solution-oriented bag that pairs effortlessly with any outfit. Day or night." And while date night outings are on pause for the foreseeable future, Olivia's found ways to dress up her new every day. "The fact that I can wrap it around my waist, walk Buddy, and have his doggie bags inside an easily accessible front pouch makes it ideal on our daily walks."

Adding the extra A-list finish is textured leather done in an ostrich print. "The bag is practical for my life as it pairs well with jeans or knits combo sets," says Olivia, "but the retro polish of the ostrich print amps up any outfit with a touch of dolce vita flair." 

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