Styled by OP: Buttoned Up for Virtual Meetings

Introducing our new fashion series that offers takeaways from the style authority herself. First up, dressing up with a top that never phones it in.

Nothing’s as timeless as a crisp, white top. And as one of fashion’s most revered figures—and a bit of a white shirt aficionado himself—Karl Lagerfeld once said, “the [white] shirt is the basis of everything. Everything else comes after.”

Therefore, in today’s new unprecedented digital conference age, it’s helpful to start each day with a sense of purpose and clarity rooted in a deceptively simple outfit. Traditionally tailored with modern cues, Olivia’s fluid tunic top lends an air of relaxed sophistication to virtual meetings while being equally flirty for evening cocktail chats at home.

Olivia gravitates towards quality, timeless pieces, and when she created the tunic for her spring collection, maximum versatility was at the top of mind. The high-low hem provides wearers the ability to pair solo with knee-high boots, or add edge with slim leather trousers and sneakers. For now, consider this top the perfect remedy for hoodie fatigue.

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