All Tied Up: The Handbags You Need This Season

Pick the bag which ties together two of the most important trends: luxe monochromatic leather and rounded handles with wiry details.

Photographed by Peter Rosa; Prop Styling by Linden Elstran

Fall/winter 2019 collections applauded leather as the uncontested triumph trend. Throughout each fashion capital models were repeatedly cloaked head-to-toe in leather, specifically singular in hue. Indeed it was the color of these leathers which rose recognition: ruby reds, eggplant aubergine, buttered beige, snowy white, even the tried and true black noir had its moment.  As with all trends, a season’s ready-to-wear focal point will undoubtedly seep its influence further onto accessories. Thankfully, our current craze offers many solutions as most handbags are fabricated by leather.

Photographed by Peter Rosa; Prop Styling by Linden Elstran

There are other aspects we saw common in collections with even more intrigue. First, there was an influx of top handled totes, specifically rounded, best seen at Chanel. Then there was a basket weave trend which bopped around with ease at Dior. And finally at Fendi, heavy hardware served as handlebars instead of the usual leather strap.

All these aspects come to life with exacting execution, checking each fashionable box at once with designers like Les Petits Joueurs and Benedetta Bruzziches.  Joueurs’ Mini Olivia Knot bag has the classic sheen of leather (check) with a woven cross weave wrap round (double check). Bruzziches’ Briggita bags perfectly juxtapose all the desired elements: round handle (check) metal handles (check) with bold leather bodies (triple check). The only box left to check is, “add to cart."

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