About Olivia Palermo

The Brand

Olivia Palermo is an inclusive universe which inspires everyone to be the best versions of themselves through a curation of the very best in fashion, beauty, travel, and lifestyle.

Our ambition is to promote self-belief, entrepreneurial spirit and championing authenticity. Community lives at the heart of our brand and we aspire to connect like-minded individuals with a passion for creativity and a desire for true self-expression. We also believe in serving a greater purpose and we ensure that we partner with brands that share the same values and we take care of our community and the people that work with us.

The Woman

Olivia Palermo, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Olivia Palermo Group Inc., is a driven entrepreneur and international style authority whose curatorial approach to fashion has solidified her as an industry tastemaker.

Olivia pairs her innate style sensibilities and proclivity towards aesthetic with the expertise and knowledge gained from her diversified experiences.

It is with authenticity that Olivia’s passion for design and appreciation for quality has allowed her to cultivate a global community of engaged fans and followers that look to her for advice and inspiration.

Olivia has since positioned herself as an identifiable role model who is a champion of confidence, entrepreneurship and creativity.

The Site

OliviaPalermo.com offers our community engaging editorial content and the chance to shop multiple exciting brands and Olivia Palermo collaborations. The platform is set to inspire self-confidence and give the tools and guidance everyone needs to look, feel and be their best self.